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Wherever you are*, we can despatch your 4x4 / off-road parts to you. Whichever your preferred method of communication; telephone, fax, or e-mail, we can process your initial enquiry through to the order process on to delivery of your off-road parts.

* - excludes USA and Canada (see below)

"I would like to give my thanks to your company for a job well done. As this was my first time using your company i am impressed....
The shipment was delivered at my door in the middle of nowhere in Norway on monday and parts were in good cond..
Looking forward to do buisness with you again in the future.."

~ Torbjørn Stormoen

Overseas customers can be assured that Equicar 4x4 will obtain the most competitive freight quotation for your delivery, anywhere in the world. We can provide details on clearance, method of shipment (i.e. land, sea or air), any required paperwork, Taxes & Duties, packaging requirements (all dependent upon recipient Country).


Should you require delivery to a destination outside the UK you will be exempt from the UK VAT charge.

If you would prefer to make your own shipping arrangements for parts you have ordered, please be aware of the following Company Policy:

We will require proof (i.e. a shipping document) of the parts leaving the UK. If this proof is not available at time of parts leaving our premises, then 20% VAT will be charged up front and refunded following receipt of the necessary documentation.

This is for HM Revenue & Customs records and is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Unfortunately, due to increasing Credit Card Fraud, we must ask that our Overseas customers pay by Bank Transfer or PayPal. Cleared payment must be received prior to shipment.


It is with some regret that Equicar Ltd. can no longer offer export orders to North American territories. Due to changes beyond our control it is no longer cost-effective to offer sales to the USA or Canada, even if the order is not exported directly from here (for instance, delivered to a UK address for subsequent export).

If you are a customer in either the US or Canada, you would still be able to purchase goods through a UK proxy provided they are willing to purchase on your behalf and subsequently handle the export and VAT exemption. In these circumstances we will consider the sale as a domestic sale, with invoices to the UK company and no consideration given to VAT exemption (as we will treat the sale as domestic).

June 2013




VAT is charged at the current UK rate of 20%. Customers who are based outside of the UK are exempt from paying this Tax, provided we are exporting directly to you (procedure outlined above).

Taxes & Duties


These are the Duties and Taxes that may be charged on parts when they are imported into the Purchaser's Country. Duties and Taxes are not applicable to all Countries and any amount payable is dependent upon each Country's own Tax rates. Equicar 4x4 can advise if any Taxes & Duties are payable if requested, but you should first contact Customs in your Country of residence to discuss the import of goods.


Equicar 4x4 will make an additional charge should you require us to organise Clearance for you. Clearance fees are due when the Country to which the parts are being delivered requires additional paperwork in order to allow import of the parts. If you require this service, please ask us to provide a quotation for you. Please note that in some instances, we will be unable to offer this service.
Method of Shipment


Equicar 4x4 can quote for the following methods of shipment:

  • AIR - this is obviously the fastest method, but also the most expensive. Many of our goods will be unsuitable for air freight, particularly where reisdual oils, fuels or fluids are involved. Airbags can never be sent by air due to explosive components.
  • SEA - this is the most practical and most commonly used of the three options, as it is competitively priced and has a good lead time.
  • LAND - the slowest method, but often the cheapest.
Freight Quotations


Equicar 4x4 will obtain the most competitive freight quotes in order to despatch your off-road/4x4 parts as soon as you require. This charge is always quoted prior to the sale being finalised, in order that you know the final payment due prior to the sale. It is then up to you - the customer, as to whether or not you wish to accept our quotation or organise your own method of shipment.

Please Note: Any delivery charges within the UK are always subject to 20% VAT, which is NON-REFUNDABLE, even if the goods are subsequently exported.

Required Paperwork


In most cases, the only paperwork required to import goods is a copy of the sales invoice (provided by us on purchase of parts) and a Bill of Lading or Certificate of Shipment - individual requirements will vary depending on the receiving Country, so it's best to check with us at the time of your parts order.

Your Bill of Lading or Certificate of Shipment will be provided to us by our UK freight agents, which we will then forward on to you - we usually request express Bills of Lading and can email an electronic copy of this to ensure a speedy clearance on arrival.



Equicar 4x4 are aware that some Countries have specific packaging regulations, which require that certain items are specially packaged to comply with the Country of import guidelines. Equicar 4x4 can meet such requirements, but an additional charge may be necessary. Our sales team can advise on these requirements at the point of purchase.
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