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Trading Terms
These terms and conditions apply to every sale unless otherwise stated.

1. Most vehicles and parts of vehicles sold from this establishment are auto-salvage and are sold as such. Whilst we wish to make every effort to give good value to our customers, we cannot guarantee each part to be absolutely perfect and this is reflected in our prices when they are compared to the price of new items and parts. Please note - parts sold ARE NOT reconditioned unless clearly stated on the invoice. Due to the nature of the donor vehicle, testing or inspection of the article offered for sale may not have been practicable.

2. We will always try to supply the exact part that our customers require. Due to the variations in make, model, design and year of manufacture, we cannot give any guarantee that any parts are correct or fit for the purpose required.

It will help if customers can bring a sample part for comparison or supply images of same by e-mail, but all sales are made on the strict understanding that the customer is responsible for making sure that parts bought are correct or fit for the purpose required.

In the event that the part purchased is incorrectly ordered by the customer, we will endeavour to replace the article with the correct one, provided that the part is returned or we are notified of the customer's intention to return the part within a period of one month from the date of Invoice. Please note however, that we shall not be under any obligation to replace any part returned to us under these circumstances or to give any refund in respect thereof.

If a refund is agreed for parts CORRECTLY SUPPLIED and returned, it will be subject to a 20% handling charge plus carriage (if applicable).

All electrical items (i.e. ECUs, ICE / Sat Nav, etc.) are NON-REFUNDABLE. Ensure that the item you are ordering is the part you need, and have part numbers checked where possible. Refunds will only be considered if the part is faulty, not if you have ordered incorrectly.

Ensure all goods are checked thoroughly before you sign for them. The words ‘UNEXAMINED’ or ‘UNCHECKED’ on the delivery note are unacceptable. We will not be held responsible for goods damaged in transit if they have been signed for in good condition.

Glass is sent and supplied at your own risk.

3. Any part which is incorrectly supplied by this establishment or is found to be faulty or unserviceable (unless the fault was declared on purchase) will be exchanged or money refunded according to circumstances, provided that we are notified in writing within the period specified in the guarantee clause under which the goods were sold.

Goods or parts sold from this establishment are guaranteed or warranted for the time specified in the following clause:-

ALL PARTS ARE GUARANTEED FOR ONE MONTH FROM DATE OF INVOICE. * However, should the article be found to be unsatisfactory, a full refund will be given provided that we are notified of the fault within 48 hours of discovery and the article is returned within a period of one month from date of invoice.

The customers' Sale of Goods rights are not affected.

a) We require that the receipt issued with the part or article at the time of sale must be returned with the part being returned under complaint.

b) The part must be returned to the seller in the condition in which it was supplied. Partial dismantling or stripping of the part or parts may invalidate the guarantee.

c) All engines purchased MUST be fitted with a new Timing Cambelt or Timing Chain. Ensure Engines & Gearboxes are filled with correct oils to the correct levels. Failure to follow these procedures will render your guarantee VOID.

d) All our parts are marked. Removal of these marks will render your guarantee VOID.

e) All parts must be fitted by a Qualified Technician. Failure to comply with this will render your guarantee VOID.

4. We shall not be liable or responsible for:-

a) Any fault or defect in parts arising from wilful damage, negligence, failure to follow our instructions (whether written or oral), misuse or alteration to parts carried out otherwise than by us;

b) Any fault or damage caused by the fitting of parts.

c) Any labour cost arising from either the fitting or re-fitting of parts or the subsequent removal of faulty parts for return.

5. Bearing in mind that most parts are auto-salvage and the price is substantially less than new, we do not hold ourselves responsible if any vehicle is off the road whilst a part is being brought back for exchange.

6. If any article has been purchased via Email, Post, Facsimile or over the telephone, the customer is entitled to a 7 day ‘cooling off' period. Please see Distance Selling Regulations. THESE REGULATIONS DO NOT APPLY TO BUSINESS CUSTOMERS.

7. These terms of business are not intended to restrict or exclude any legal rights bestowed or implied by law. These Terms of Trading are primarily designed to apply to transactions entered into with consumers. Where transactions are entered into with other businesses, certain provisions implied by law may be excluded (i.e. Distance Selling Regulations), subject to tests of reasonableness, as prescribed by the Unfair Contract Terms Act, 1977.

* excluding Gaskets, Seals, Belts and other service parts

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